• Emily Hosker-Thornhill

2. Fish Tacos!

One of my favourite recipes, taken from Run Fast, Eat Slow. Fish tacos with avocado and mango salsa. An amazingly tasty dish, perfect for lunch on dinner. Great with a side salad and rice or even sweet potatoes. It's fresh, completely delicious and very easy/quick. The great thing about this recipe is you can easily adjust the amount of ingredients depending on how many you're cooking for!


Corn taco shells

Fish (I prefer cod or salmon)

1 ripe avocado

1 ripe mango

1 lime

Salt and pepper

1 red or green chilli (for the salsa if you like spice!)


Chop up the avocado, and mango in to small chunks. Add the chilli if desired. Season with a touch of salt and pepper, and squeeze the lime juice over the top.

Cook the fish (baking or grilling) until cooked through. Flake up the fish into small chucks.

Warm taco shells in the oven or microwave.

Serve up all together and tuck in!


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